Monday, 29 February 2016

A month on the road: Plane-Train-Spain

One month. One country, nine autonomous regions, 11 cities. During an intense few weeks travelling around Spain for work, it's fair to say that  I woke up more than once wondering where I was. Covering thousands of miles by plane, train and car in the space of four weeks, early starts and late nights became the norm. 

But I'm not complaining: the chance to get to know new places, try new foods and meet new people is always welcome. Although I'd visited most cities previously, Vigo and Las Palmas were new to me - in fact, I'd never set foot in the Canary Islands before. I did manage to visit during the most inclement weather they've had in the past couple of years (think cold winds and lashing rain falling diagonally), but it did nothing to dampen the fun. Yes, fun: the nights of room service and my head hitting the pillow by 10pm were counteracted with lots of laughs and plenty of long lunches (hey, it's Spain).

As I travelled around the country, I posted photos on Instagram using the hashtag #planetrainspain. In my next post, I'll be detailing some of the highlights of my month on the road (rails?), but for now, check out the maths that made up February 2016.

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